Birth Of A Mother – The Transformation

Birth of A Mother - The Transformation

Birth Of A Mother – The Transformation

Anna, who was an ambitious and independent lady had always chosen career as her first priority. She treated her job like her own baby and needless to say she was successful in her career.

She got married but nothing really changed much. Her husband too was as a workaholic like her . So they never had any clashes as such. Though they two opposite personalities but few things  intersected which kept their relation intact with joy and laughter.

When Anna got pregnant after a year of  marriage things still were almost the same, just that Anna started taking more care of herself. She started thinking twice, first for herself and second for the life she was carrying inside her.
In between she completed her MBA too and was a very satisfied soul during her pregnancy. Everything went well. But there was always this quest for  success that flickered in her, she wanted to get back to her job after her delivery, may be in 6 months or so.

And then the day arrived when she gave birth to her little bundle of joy .That was the happiest day of her life. She enjoyed each day of her motherhood with her new born. She suddenly forgot  about her job, her ambition and everything she always aspired to be.
The only thing that ran through her mind all day was that she had to take good care of her baby. Her world revolved  around her baby.

As the time passed by,  the moment came when she was supposed to choose between her career or her child. And with lot of tussle inside her she chose her bundle of joy over her job.
Of course the job defined her, she had her own identity but more than her own identity she was now concerned about the identity which will reflect on her in the near future, her son needed her time and undivided attention. Need of the hour was to choose her future identity over her present.

A mother’s duty is paramount and irreplaceable as it is said “God cannot be everywhere so He created Mother” . Definitely me time and independence is the what we all crave for as women but spending  time with her baby gave Anna the happiness she never experienced before. The time spent was also an investment she wanted to make to see  her baby grow into a real gentleman one day.

Well, this was the decision of Anna.  Although it made her financially dependent and at times left her frustrated but there was no looking back. She enjoyed her mommy phase with lot of pride and contentment.

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7 Days Visit To Dubai

7 Days Visit To Dubai

7 Days Visit to Dubai
Dubai City

Dubai, the city of skyscrapers and sheiks and the capital of United Arab Emirates is located on the southeast coast of Persian Gulf. It is home to millions of people world wide.
Dubai ranks among one of the costliest cities in the world. It’s a global city and the business hub of the Middle East.

Well, Dubai was there lingering around in my travel checklist for quite sometime time and I have been playing peekaboo for a long time.
Finally it was time to tick it off my travel bucket list. It was last October when I planned to visit the City of Gold.
It was a family visit and I hadn’t planned anything specifically.

I flew via Emirates and it was a comfortable flight with warm and cordial crews. Emirates airport was one of the stunning airports I have ever seen.

The first glance of Dubai won’t make you believe that it is primarily a desert. The layout of the city is planned in such a way that you won’t stop praising it.

Whoever is the genius behind the planning of this city has executed the job in an outstanding way. The city never sleeps and during the weekends it’s more fun.

Just a long drive through the city and some music can make you forget all your worries.
Although it’s an Islamic city, people of various culture from all over the world  can be found here living in harmony.
Dubai is a culturally dynamic city and the diversity  reflects in various things be it be the cuisine, fashion, art, music and performance.

Dubai has plenty of attractions embedded in itself and if you want to enjoy each and everything minutely it might take months ;).
It was a 7 days of trip for me and I wanted keep myself satisfied by covering at least the major attractions.

The major takes for me were:

The Burj Khalifa:

Witnessing the tallest building is like a dream come true. I have heard about the gigantic  structure many a times but standing there and watching it gives a different contentment altogether.
It is the tallest building in the world towering around 829.8m. Burj Khalifa reflects the perfect amalgamation of heritage, art and technology. Though it manifests the Islamic architecture yet it reflects the modern global community.
Consisting of 163 floors with At the top, the observation deck at 124th floor gives a navigable 360 degree view of the city, desert and ocean. The recent addition being the “At the Topsky” at 148th floor, a record breaking observation deck.
Don’t miss out to witness the spectacular edifice.

7 Days Visit to Dubai
The Burj Khalifa

The Kite Beach:

Sand, sea and sunset! what else you need your perfect evening to be. One of the best places to visit in Dubai which is also pocket-friendly. This beach also gives a stunning view of Burj al Arab (one of the luxury hotels of Dubai)
I am not a big beach fan but there was a strange aura about this place. So beautiful, peaceful and spotlessly clean. If it was possible I could have frozen the moment for a little longer.
The beach has well defined esplanade along with lovely cafes and changing rooms and shower areas. My favorite was the Filli cafe and the tea there was heavenly.
Whether or not you are a beach lover you must visit this place as it might change your opinion about holidaying at the beach.

7 Days Visit To Dubai
Kite Beach

Malls in Dubai:

I heard someone whispering about shopping!! 😉 Oh yes I hear you. Well Dubai is full of shopping and it’s a shopper’s paradise if I can phrase so. Wherever the eyes land you can see a shopping mall or two. I have visited almost all the shopping malls.
The must visits are the Dubai mall and Mall of Emirates, even if you have no plan to shop, never miss out on the window shopping there.

Dubai Mall:

The entrance of the Dubai mall was unique, a huge number of  colourful umbrellas hanging over you while you enter. The ambience is breath taking here.
and it’s a WOW! Dubai Mall is the largest Mall in the world by total area. It is humongous and probably one day is not good enough to look around ;). It has a large number of attractions including the Ice Rink, Aquarium and underwater zoo not to mention the water fountain show exhibiting the gigantic structure, the Burj Khalifa.

7 Days Visit To Dubai
Umbrellas, Dubai Mall

Mall of Emirates:

It’s huge, apart from ambience, shopping and food joints which are marvellous here. The main attraction is the Ski Dubai and if you are feeling too hot and sultry believe me being there is the best way to have fun during summers.

Dubai Water Fountain:

Have you ever seen water dancing to the tune of the music? The world’s largest choreographed fountain system is set on 30 acres manmade Burj Khalifa lake.
The show is a recurring event which takes places for 5 mins at an interval of 30 mins every evening from 6 pm to 10 pm during week days and 6 pm to 11 pm during the weekends (which includes Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
It also takes place during the day at 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm.

7 Days Visit To Dubai
Water fountain, Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo:

This part was most interesting one for me as I happen to be an aquatic animal lover. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world measuring about 10 million litres, containing more than 33000 aquatic animals and home to 140 species of sea life.
You can start the aquarium visit with a stroll through the aquarium tunnel. There are quite few activities included in the aquarium tour which includes cage snorkelling experience that is a close encounter with thousands of aquatic animals.
Glass bottom boat ride, shark feeding, ray fish feeding and  king crocodile feeding. Of course I never took the cage snorkelling cause I am too scared to get near these beautiful species. I took the glass bottom ride. To be honest the glass bottom ride was an okay okay one not that great. However time passed away effortlessly.

7 Days Visit to Dubai
Dubai Aquarium, tunnel

Even if the trip happened to be an unplanned event but it went smoothly and I captured all the moments spent there to cherish it, till I again happen to say hello to this glamorous city of sand, beach and skyscrapers.

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3 Days Visit To Bangkok

3 Days Visit To Bangkok

3 Days Visit To Bangkok

Bangkok was a spontaneous plan. I barely had time do any research before hitting this beautiful city which also is a shopper’s paradise and offers an amazing nightlife. The only part planned was the visit to the “Safari World” to keep my little one entertained and, for my entertainment, needless to say, the shopping indulgence 😃

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Bangkok view from my hotel

It was essentially a 3 days trip excluding the days I arrived at and I flew back which I spent just relaxing in the hotel.

I was put up in the Hotel Icon located near the Nana Square area in Bangkok. So, the first thing I did was hitting the nearby market. I explored the Nana plaza Mall which has a lively night market with the busy shops.

My First Day:

As preplanned, my tour of Bangkok started with the safari world visit, where I relived my childhood days along with my cute little brat. The trip turned out to be an adventurous one and I enjoyed the very bit of it.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Me and my son at Safari World

As I happened to be in Bangkok in the month of December, Christmas was in the air. The striking part was the Christmas lights. Buildings, trees, bridges, lamp poles, pavements, food stalls and sometimes even tuk-tuk are embellished with lights. There was a magic spell all over the city turning it into a fairyland like the ones you come across in stories.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Christmas decoration


3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Christmas in air

All my evenings I kept it earmarked for mall hopping and shopping. In a matter of just 3 days, it’s strenuous to visit each and every mall but there was no holding back I covered as much as possible.

There were malls like the Platinum Fashion mall, MBK mall which is more or less like a wholesale mall filled with clothing for all age group from newborns to elderly ones,  leather goods, fashion accessories, electronics and various other items. A colossal amount of choices in here that it made me a miserable consumer. An honest confession, “too many choices, gives you no choice at all “  😉 So if you are fashion freak be sure to come well ahead the closing time and do a good speculation before indulging if you have a particular budget.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Outside Platinum mall, Bangkok

Then there were Central world Mall, which is the largest mall in Thailand and tenth largest shopping mall in the world occupying around 550,000 square meters of retail space and a total area size of around 830,000 square meters. The layout is influenced by the shopping street concept allowing the buyers to look around at one glance.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Central world

Terminal 21 mall, which is one floor one theme mall decorated based on well-known streets in cities of the world and also has the longest escalator in Thailand that measures up to 36 meters.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Terminal 21

Paragon Siam Mall which is the third largest mall in Thailand, which also has a multiplex movie theater consisting of 15 large size theaters with one of them having biggest screen and seating capacity in Asia. It also had the sea life ocean world aquarium and wax museum: Madame Tussauds and other attractions.
Sadly I had no option but to skip all these attractions as I was running short on the time factor.
Moreover, if you already planning to visit these places it’s better to book combos available online, it not only saves few bahts but also your time.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Sealife, Paragon Mall

Don’t forget to stop by these malls, you might not want to miss out the stupefying architecture of these beautiful edifices.

Despite hiring cabs to commute I still got caught in the traffic due to the festive season. So I decided to avail the public transport and ditch the traffic. And honestly, sky train and tuk-tuk services in Bangkok made life much easier. Though I had a baby pram with me but it was no problem at all. And people around were considerate and accommodative.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Nightlife, Bangkok

There are hustle and bustle in one part of the city and next there is peace and serenity in another part of the city.
The Buddhist temples (knowns as wats) which speak beautiful stories of Buddha and rich Thai culture.

My Second Day:

My second-day tour of Bangkok was dedicated to the Temple visits. Availing sky train and ferry services I reached Grand Palace, there was a strict security check and at times they check your Id too, so it’s better to carry it with you. Also there is a dress code to follow, restricting the use of shorts and sleeveless tops and tees applicable to both the genders. In case you are not properly dressed, there is a provision where you can rent dresses in exchange of few bahts.
It was sultry and crowded but when you see the beauty of the place you just go WOW!! The architecture was mesmerizing and I was awestruck witnessing the same. You need to see it believe it, at times you just cannot capture the beauty,  you need to live the moment.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Grand Palace, Bangkok

After completing the visit to Grand palace I headed towards Wat Pho which is at a walkable distance, you can also avail a tuk-tuk if you want. Wat Pho is also known as the temple of Reclining Buddha. You will find more than thousands of Buddha’s images but the main attraction is the Golden Reclining Buddha which is about 150ft in length. The site was captivating. There are about 91 colorful chedis (mounds) each being architecturally unique. Wat Pho houses the school of Thai medicine and also it’s the birthplace of famous Thai massage which is still taught and practiced here.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Wat Pho, Bangkok

After Wat Pho it was time for the Wat Arun also known as the Temple of Dawn. From Wat pho I availed a boat to cross the Chao Praya river to reach my destination but I was disheartened as the temple was under construction.

3 Days Visit To Bangkok
Wat Arun, Bangkok

Whatsoever my day ended blissfully. And thankfully I didn’t miss out calmness of this busy city.

My Third Day:

My last day in Bangkok was spent at Chatuchak market, which as usual was planned the previous night. Got to know it happens to be a weekend market and I was leaving on Saturday itself. However, I paid a visit to this enormous wholesale market on Friday though half of the shops were shutter down.

Overall my stay at Bangkok has been an enjoyable one, even though I missed a few things here, but then it gives me a window of opportunity to revisit this happening city once again and of course in an organized way.

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A Visit To Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

A Visit To Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

A Visit To Chatuchak Market In Bangkok

Its been 3 days in Bangkok and I saved my last day for the Chatuchak market.

Chatuchak market or the JJ market is the largest market, well that I have ever seen. It has more than 15000 shops.oh!! thinking of it spins my head. now thats a number ;).  My hotel was located in Nana area, and  we boarded the sky train from nana area and travelled till Mo Chit from where the chatuchak market was just 5 mins walking distance. Though I am travelling with my little toddler still I thought of availing sky train the reason is simple it’s fast and you skip the traffic! Yes, a bit walk is required, but then its a better deal than getting stuck in traffic that too during Christmas time.

As and how I was exploring the market I was like mesmerised by the collections it had. Well, dresses and all are amazing but then it’s usual collections in other part of Bangkok what’s good about it here is the prices, it’s quite reasonable.

The jaw dropping area was the artisic area of the market I was bowled over looking at those artistic beauty and I must admit that Thai people are art lover.

Being a art lover person myself  I was tempted to buy each and everything for my home, but I was confused royally between what to choose and what to discard. You are left  confused rather than being convinced, well that’s what my state was. The temptation was so much in me for a moment that I forgot, practically its not possible to carry each and everything with me. Palpably! i was left heartbroken, if you are art lover you will sail in the ship if you happen to visit the decor zone. One more attraction for me and my son was the soft toy section and there was only one shop. One open secret is I love huge teddies and huge soft toys and now that I have a baby I can enjoy this huge cute toys along with my baby love 😀

A Visit to Chatuchak Market

The market is filled with lot of eatery places and if you are a foodie and have a good apetite you can enjoy to your heart content. I had my lunch in the local joint here and the food here was yum. Also don’t forget to miss out the cut fruits and freshly extracted juices here I never did ;).

Thanks to the master minds who divided the market in zones so that one hits the first zone as he or she likes. You can get the map at the start of jj market. Well I didn’t take one as I decided to explore it just like that . Though I was disheartened I still managed to collect few home decor, totes, soft toys, souvenirs and few dresses for me and my son.
What a satisfied day it was to visit the largest market in Bangkok though there is a regret that I couldn’t see the weekend market but than it gives me an opportunity to visit Bangkok again.

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A Visit To Safari World In Bangkok

A Visit To Safari World In Bangkok

A Visit To Safari World In Bangkok

The safari world was  a preplanned tour to visit. I got it included in the package while booking my hotel. It’s is for all the age groups and if you are an animal lover its a must visit place.

 Safari World In Bangkok

The safari world consists of two parts the marine park and the safari park. Marine park consists of animals of land, sea and air from all over the world, all caged up here and its a like a normal zoo visit.

safari world in Bangkok

The main attractions in here are the exciting shows which includes dolphin show, sealion show, orang utan show, hollywood cowboy stunts and the jungle cruise river ride which is called the river safari, it isn’t included in the safari world package and I am buying the ticket separately for us. You need to reach here before 10am to attend all the shows, we reached here by 10:30. Today being a sunday the safari world is mostly crowded with the school students and families, it’s lovely to see all assembled.

Safari World In Bangkok

Starting the marine safari visit with the monkey show, the show is pretty interesting and I got the seat very far away from the show in the last row I can see the excitement in my son’s eyes to watch the monkeys performing doing boxing and other stunts and I am like woo all the time. Heading to the next show the sea lion show and I am trying to reach well ahead of time so that I grab a seat near the show and yes I reached to grab the second row seat. The next is most most interesting and one my fav the dolphin show which I am reserving it for the last as it is at 2:30 pm. All the shows are pretty interesting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. what grabbed my attention and must thing to appreciate is the way the animals are trained and taken care off during the show all the animals were well fed, also the trainers and the stunt man are amazing.

As I don’t want to miss the zoo visit I am skipping all the other shows. Surfing through the zoo watching the sedge of cranes, white tigers, kangaroos, pehen, different species of cute birds, swan, black swan I feel like I am a child again and watching the animals, what a feeling it is. oh!! wait I have got my river safari tickets and I don’t want to miss it personally I am not interested for the tour but for the sake of my baby I am going to go on the tour. Here I am in the boat riding through the man made river and watching the man made artificial jungle which exhibits the life of tribal people the wild animals their way of living, if you have read the life of a primitive man you can very well relate it here. The ambience and noises are too good that it is scaring me and the surprising thing is that my son is scared too and sitting on my lap which is a rare thing to happen. And the ride ends here a little too soon.

I am dying of hunger and its already 1:00pm the lunch spread is huge including the Indian cuisine and the Thai cuisine. The Indian cuisine has the longest queue as compared to the Thai which means that the safari world is filled with 70 percent of Indians and I am not a stranger here 😛 the food was nice and m enjoying it more cause of my grumbling hunger. Loads of games for the kids, souvenir shops are filled here with variety of toys caps tshirts to buy, though m stopping at the candy to stall to buy candy stick for my little brat. My marine safari ends here with my fav dolphin show.

safari world in Bangkok

Now sitting in van awaiting what’s next, the driver has been telling its a safari park no idea what it is. Oh My GOD! its a open jungle where we are caged I mean locked up in van and the animals are free, now its the interchange of the sides and it feels a little weird but m happy to witness it. There was a same picture of this situation in my head long ago, never thought it will come true here. The open jungle is filled with lots of animals of different species from all over the world including zebras, camels, tigers rhinoceros buffalos cranes their nest, the relaxing and bathing bears ostrich,giraffes. and yes the surveillance jeeps to survey the jungle. My day ends and I am both satisfied and happy as my start of Bangkok is an amazing one.

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