Birth Of A Mother – The Transformation

Birth of A Mother - The Transformation

Birth Of A Mother – The Transformation

Anna, who was an ambitious and independent lady had always chosen career as her first priority. She treated her job like her own baby and needless to say she was successful in her career.

She got married but nothing really changed much. Her husband too was as a workaholic like her . So they never had any clashes as such. Though they two opposite personalities but few things  intersected which kept their relation intact with joy and laughter.

When Anna got pregnant after a year of  marriage things still were almost the same, just that Anna started taking more care of herself. She started thinking twice, first for herself and second for the life she was carrying inside her.
In between she completed her MBA too and was a very satisfied soul during her pregnancy. Everything went well. But there was always this quest for  success that flickered in her, she wanted to get back to her job after her delivery, may be in 6 months or so.

And then the day arrived when she gave birth to her little bundle of joy .That was the happiest day of her life. She enjoyed each day of her motherhood with her new born. She suddenly forgot  about her job, her ambition and everything she always aspired to be.
The only thing that ran through her mind all day was that she had to take good care of her baby. Her world revolved  around her baby.

As the time passed by,  the moment came when she was supposed to choose between her career or her child. And with lot of tussle inside her she chose her bundle of joy over her job.
Of course the job defined her, she had her own identity but more than her own identity she was now concerned about the identity which will reflect on her in the near future, her son needed her time and undivided attention. Need of the hour was to choose her future identity over her present.

A mother’s duty is paramount and irreplaceable as it is said “God cannot be everywhere so He created Mother” . Definitely me time and independence is the what we all crave for as women but spending  time with her baby gave Anna the happiness she never experienced before. The time spent was also an investment she wanted to make to see  her baby grow into a real gentleman one day.

Well, this was the decision of Anna.  Although it made her financially dependent and at times left her frustrated but there was no looking back. She enjoyed her mommy phase with lot of pride and contentment.

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